Centerfold Club Columbus Ohio US

Looking for a strip club Columbus Ohio? Well, Columbus is known for its beautiful girls but finding a strip club having most attractive strippers could be difficult whether you are new in town or living here for ages. But not anymore because Centerfold Club the best strippers in the down and their club is not just limited to beers and other drinks but they know how to keep you in their club for number of hours through their hot strippers.

Indeed there are many strip club Columbus, but are they really strip club? No, because most of them only offers strip dance on special days of the week with very limited female strippers while they cost a lot, where Centerfold Club is totally different. From Monday to Sunday you can visit them for strip dance, private dance or VIP room performance which can be book in very reasonable prices.

What makes Centerfold Club best strip club?

There is not just one or two reasons which makes Centerfold Club best in the town but there are dozens. Let’s take a look to the top quality services offered by Centerfold Club to their guests:

Free shuttle services to guests: If you are coming to Columbus Ohio through airport and looking for best strip in town, then don’t worry about taxi because Centerfold Club offer their guests free shuttle services free of cost and pick you from airport or from your hotel when your order.

Enjoy your beer in just $10: Yes, this is true. Centerfold Club offer 4 beers in just $10 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night which means that you dont need to watch strip dancing with empty hands. You can hold your bucket of for beers during the whole performance.

Centerfold Club offers best rates: Nothing could be more comfortable than watching strip dance in very low cost specially when you are a visitor with limited budget. Centerfold Club offer private dance in just $15 while it cost only $75 to have strip model in a VIP room for 15 minutes.

Enjoy Hump Night with hotties: Centerfold Club has special offers for Wednesday hump nights. Buy three dances and get one dance for free. $20 for private dance on hump day while VIP rooms cost same $75 on hump nights. You can also order crown or goose in just $4 person and patron all night for $5.

The Centerfold Club open from 2 PM to 2 AM during weekend and 7 PM to 2 AM during weekdays, so need to worry about the timing because its almost 24 hours of a day. Centerfold Club has free parking lot, and accept different types of payment methods like Visa, American Express and MasterCard or you can simply pay cash payment. If you are not interested in beer then you can order coffee and other drink while watching the hot strippers dancing for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and bring them to Centerfold Club for the best strippers in the town.